Protient NPK 16.8.24 +TE

It is chelated and does not contain chlorine and sulphure. It can be solved in water completely and easy to be absorbed by plants.
It is a source of Nitrogen (NH4-N and NO3-N), Phosphorus(P2O5), Potassium (K2O) and micro nutrients.
Every formulation needs to be considered separately by plants and vegetation period.
Groups that contain equal amounts of nutrients can be used on all periods and helps vegetative and generative development.
Groups that contain high Nitrogen are recommended to be used when green part development is required.
Groups that contain high Phosphorus are recommended to be used from the strting of generative development until its end.
Groups that contain high Potassium are recommended to be used on fruit development, fruit growth and harvest periods.
When appropriate groups are used appropriate periods, it boosts plants development and yield exponentially.

Guaranteed Content : W/W

Total Nitrogen (N) : %16

Ammonium Nitrogen (NH4-N) : %1,5

Urea Nitrogen (NH2-N) : %14,5

Water Soluble Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) : %8

Water Soluble Potassium Oxide(K2O) : %24

Water Soluble Boron (B) : %0,1

Water Soluble Copper (Cu) : %0,1

Water Soluble Iron (Fe) : %0,1

Water Soluble Zinc (Zn) : %0,1

pH Range for EDTA Chelate : 3 - 9